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Outdoor Protective Tactical Gloves

"Great gloves, love the style and fit. Great purchase"

Outdoor Protective Tactical Gloves


A trusty handy companion that keeps you safe and protected in your endeavors.

  • Heavy Duty Outdoor Tactical Gloves
  • Protect Hands Against Hard Impact and Abrasion
  • Allows Quick Finger Access To Touch Phones
  • Durable. Flexible. Lightweight. Comfortable.
  • Wear Resistant. Fast-Dry. Breathable. Stretch-Fit.
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Feel safer with these rubberized knuckle pads. Your knuckles will be well protected from abrasion and hard knocks by these thermal hardened pads.

They also provide excellent cushion against impacts from accidental skids and falls.  Helps you recover faster from numbness caused by forceful impacts to the top of the hands.

Feel the grip with the new and improved palm pad made of strengthened synthetic leather and thick non-slip wear-resistant high-stretch fabric.

The grip pad double up as a superior palm protector when you land palm first which is the most common way of breaking a fall.

Feel more secure with thermoplastic rubber protection.  Your fingers will appreciate the the extra support of reinforced rubber strips.

They act as tiny shields strips against top frontal impacts from debris targeted at your fingers. 

Pick up calls without hustleThe thin finger tip membrane increases the friendly touch interaction with your Smartphone.

Feel cool and dry under the glove.  Breathable microfiber fabric wraps around each finger to give it the ventilation it deserves. It does so by effectively maintaining the cool airflow and reduces the chance of trapping moisture underneath the inner layers of the glove.  Great for use under cool and hot weather.

Fast and easy.  Large vulcro straps increase fastening strength at the wrist so that the gloves do not come off loose.  A new enhanced hook and loop design increases durability and service life.

The gloves can be stowed away conveniently with a Carabiner.

Feel free and more confident.  An ideal companion for pursuing and engaging in a variety of activities like tactical, AirSoft, paintball, hiking, hunting, motorcycle, cycling, riding and etc.  Knowing your hands will be fully protected from harm.  Also suitable for some kinds of work, such as lumbering and heavy industry.



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"Gloves work well and fit nice!

Veryprotective gloves that are a perfect fit on the job. Did have someissues with comfort at first but have now adjusted well. Works fine ontouch screens and has a lot of grip.

I use them at work to stay protected and have more grip!

Jovanny Cronin

🛡️ Verified Purchase

"Bestgloves ever! Got thrown from my motorcycle and the gloves did their joband protected my fingers, palms, and knuckles, they didn’t even rip orhave to be replaced. Super durable!."

🛡️ Verified Purchase


1. How do I maintain the gloves?

The gloves are rugged and designed for heavy-duty activities. They are made from durable Microfiber Artificial Leather reinforced with Thermal Rubber for impact protection and stretched nylon for comfort. Not much maintenance is needed.  However, the gloves are not fire-retardant and will lose its functionality when subjected to long term exposure to fire and extreme temperatures.

2. Other than using the gloves in combat operations, what else can I use it for?

This full finger hard knuckle tactical gloves are ideal for all kinds of versatile activities: Work (lumberjack, construction, labor-intensive or manual jobs), Driving (ATV motorbike, motocross, motorcycle, off-road riding, casual driving), Sports (airsoft paintball, hunting, fishing, firearms shooting, golfing, cosplay), Outdoor (Camping, Hiking, Climbing), etc.  And the best thing about these gloves is they are touch compatible.

3. Are they suitable for women?

Most definitely.  Suitable for use by both genders.  Make sure to choose the right size for your hands.

4. How do I choose the size?  Can I return them if the size is wrong?

Measure the circumference or hand width of your dominant hand just below your knuckles. Compare the measurement to the size chart below to find your glove size. 
The stretchy nylon compensates for slight errors.  Order one size up for the comfort in case you know your hands will bloat at certain time of the day or during the activity.
Unfortunately, for hygiene purpose, we do not accept returns on gloves once they are sold. We do not know where they had been or what they had been through, be it unused or not worn before.
5. I am looking for finger and thumb protection. Fell off my bike on rough terrain and jammed my thumb very badly. Will these gloves help prevent this?

Probably not. This glove will protect you from lacerations and bruising of your fingers and knuckles, but it offers no protection from your fingers being bent all the way back.

6. How long does it take to ship and arrive at my doorstep?

We always do our best to ship a confirmed order in the fastest possible way.  The order takes 1-2 business days to process.  Once the order is placed (depending on your location), it typically takes between 5-15 business days to reach. However, there may be unexpected circumstances like weather and logistical disruptions that affect shipment schedule.  In which case, do expect delays in arrival time.

7. What kind of warranty does it cover?

We prioritize on quality and take customer service very seriously. The product is warranted on poor workmanship and manufacturing quality. Before shipment, the goods are individually inspected for defects and guaranteed to function as specified.  Our friendly and responsive customer support are readily available to offer help and ensure customer satisfaction. Simply email support at In the rare case where the gloves are found to be defective and/or unsafe to use, we will honor a full money back guarantee. 


Product details:

Material: Microfiber Artificial Leather, Nylon, Rubber Protection

Application: Combat (SWAT, Tactical, Shooting, Paintball, Military), Outdoor (Lumberjack, Construction), Sports (Motorcycle, Bicycle, Hiking, Climbing, Snowboarding, Camping)

Color: Black, Green, Brown

Size: S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL

Size: (Hand Width)

S: 18-20cm / 7.1'-7.9'

M: 20-23cm / 7.9'-9.1'
L: 23-25cm / 9.1'-9.8'
XL: 25-28cm / 9.8'-11'

Due to manual measurement, it's allows 0.12(in) discrepancy

Package Includes: 1 pair of gloves.