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Premium Barbecue Gloves

"Great gloves. Been using them. Great purchase"

Premium Barbecue Gloves


KitchenUX Premium Insulated BBQ Gloves Upgrades Your Grilling Skill To A Higher Level.

  • Palms Are Well Protected From High Heat (662F/350C)
  • Fingers Are Free To Move With Maximum Dexterity, Flexibility and Agility
  • Hands Are Wrapped In Soft Comfortable Inner Liners
  • Breathable Material To Remove Sweat And Odor
  • Easy Clean And Hand-Washable. No Special Maintenance Required


OPTIMAL SAFETY: Awarded SafeUX seal. Your hands are 100% protected by our heat resistant barbecue gloves against intense heat, fire burns and flash flames while you work in and out of the kitchen on or around ovens, stoves, pots, pans, BBQ grills, smoker and cooking appliances with hot surfaces. Uses industrial proven fluorescent reflectors to find gloves in the dark.
OPTIMAL COMFORT: Awarded ComfortUX seal. You enjoy the comfortable fit from the contour fitting inner liner that is knitted from natural super soft untwisted yarn of bamboo viscose fiber. The best smoking gloves and grilling gloves. The liner wraps around your fingers and hand gently. The material expands and contracts elastically like your second skin. The abrasion-free liner lets your skin breathe, absorbs sweat, deodorize, remove skin irritation while keeping your hands cool and dry.

OPTIMAL CONTROL: Awarded ControlUX seal. Our silicone grill gloves are versatile and have excellent dexterity. Each of your fingers remains flexible and free to move independently. Your hands maintain in total control. The textured non-slip silicone grips are made of soft FDA safe silicone that provides the maximum grip when handling food, grill tools and cooking equipment. The large palm pad ensures the greatest surface area of contact for traction.

OPTIMAL DESIGN: Awarded DesignUX seal. Our silicone BBQ gloves are our best designed pit master accessories. Physically appealing and practical. Intelligently engineered for structural strength, comfort and durability for extended hours of use. Hassle Free Maintenance. Non-stick easy clean design prevents stains, honey, marinade, grill grime, oils and grease from adhering. Washable.

OPTIMAL QUALITY ASSURANCE: Backed by 100% customer satisfaction seal. Our insulated BBQ gloves are made from naturally hybrid composite material that are safe for humans and environment. Our paired durable gloves are packed in High Premium Quality gift pack.




Slip On The BBQ Gloves


Handle The Meat Over Grill Directly


Serve The Meal



Ive been looking for heat-resistant BBQ gloves for ages. Finally found some that fit, aren't greasy when grabbing BBQ, can pull out my smoker shelves and feel no heat. Can even move around the wood in the smoker box w/o feeling any heat. They clean up super easy, fits your fingers and thumbs and pull way down to cover your wrist. Superb product. Will be buying several more pairs for XMAS gifts. "

Dark Knight

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"BEST Pot Holders EVER!!!!!!!!! #1

Moved across the world, panic set in when I couldn't find them in the boxes. When found I felt relief because I still love these. 1st These are cool and work GREAT and here is why. The wrists get covered when moving items that are hot, they are comfy w/ more dexterity than other silicone or winter mitt shaped pot holders. These are double lined cloth or fabric which make them comfortable to wear but there are a few things to know."

🛡️ Verified Purchase


1. Are they imitations?

Beware of imitations and false claims. These gloves are the original authentic first-in-industry bamboo viscose fiber BBQ gloves are made from premium grade hybrid natural composite materials for that ultimate protection, comfort, control and quality - Guaranteed. Highly rated by real pit master for bbq, grilling and smoking..

2. What is the maximum recommended temperature for these?

They say 650 I picked up my smoker and moved and didn't feel anything

3. Are they water permeable? I'm looking for something to make pulling pork easier

They are not waterproof as they are knitted, not molded.

4. How do I choose the size?  Can I return them if the size is wrong?

The size of gloves are Large.  They are elastic and fits nicely for most adult hands.  Dimensions are 13" x 7".

For hygiene purpose, we do not accept returns on gloves once they are sold. We do not know where they had been or what they had been through, be it unused or not worn before.
5. How do I maintain them?

Easy Clean And Hand-Washable. No Special Maintenance Required.

6. How long does it take to ship and arrive at my doorstep?

We always do our best to ship a confirmed order in the fastest possible way.  The order takes 1-2 business days to process.  Once the order is placed (depending on your location), it typically takes between 5-15 business days to reach. However, there may be unexpected circumstances like weather and logistical disruptions that affect shipment schedule.  In which case, do expect delays in arrival time.

7. What kind of warranty does it cover?

We prioritize on quality and take customer service very seriously. The product is warranted on poor workmanship and manufacturing quality. Before shipment, the goods are individually inspected for defects and guaranteed to function as specified.  Our friendly and responsive customer support are readily available to offer help and ensure customer satisfaction. Simply email support at In the rare case where the gloves are found to be defective and/or unsafe to use, we will honor a full money back guarantee. 


Product details:

Material: Bamboo Viscose Fiber. FDA approved Silicon

Application: Substitute for tongs. Grilling, BBQ and Meat Smoking.

Color: Black


Size: (Hand Width)

L: 13" x 7"

Due to manual measurement, it's allows 0.12(in) discrepancy

Package Includes: 1 pair of gloves.