Business Continuity Through COVID-19

With the realities of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, many ecommerce brands are wondering how to keep their business on track. One important aspect of longevity is a healthy supply chain and a constant communication with customers like you.

While other online and offline retailers are closing and Amazon is shutting down its services for thousands of companies, all of our fulfillment centers in the United States and Canada are fully operational. Meanwhile, our workers who are not directly involved in fulfillment but are essential to our daily operations (like serving customers) are all working from home to continue their support and commitments to our valuable customers.

We care for our customers and employees. As such, packages that are sent out from our fulfillment centers are properly handled to prevent the spread of the virus. As a majority of our fulfillment process are automated, human interaction are kept to the minimum.  Employees working directly on the packages are protected and safe.  Our policy require them to adhere to strict guidelines provided by the CDC. For example, wearing masks, gloves, maintain safe social distancing, properly sanitized and staggered work schedules among others.

Anticipating the "new normal" customer expectations and needs, volume swings due to fluctuations in consumer spending, dealing with manufacturing delays and government action, staying on top of rulings across various countries states, and cities, paying attention to updates from carriers, and meeting customer expectations can bring many challenges in an uncertain time.

As we are in for the long term, GoGrabGo offers the services, technology, and support you need to move your daily routines forward, grow and thrive — even through new and unique circumstances.

Having a good relation and communication with our suppliers, fulfillment partners and customers are more important now than ever, and partnering with each and every one brings business continuity as we brace to go through this pandemic together and emerge better and stronger at the other end.


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